Vintage and Orange Vintage Glam Wedding at Trans-Luxury Bandung

When one of us were traveling to Holland, Christa was very keen to offer her place for several days, taking me around the city, brought me to interesting places and food, and of course told me that she’s getting married.  We immediately became closer and all this time she is truly supportive of our works, and it’s always glad to have a fan. So when her wedding day came, I was eager to make something beautiful for her most important day. Christa’s pelaminan was simple, light, and flowery, and her photo gallery captured the journey between the couple, adorned by fresh roses and gold colour props.

_MG_3204WM _MG_3826WM _MG_4148WM _MG_4175WM _MG_4180WM _MG_4186WM2 _MG_5509WM Christa Jonquilla Bandung