Why do I pay this much for my wedding decorations ?

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As I sit writing this blog post, I am replying my clients on WhatsApp chat, some of them are finalizing the items for their weddings in September and October. Yes, it’s a busy month for us, but we are glad for your trust and support for our hobbies and business. Upon discussing on prices with my clients or clients-to-be, they often ask me “why is it so expensive?” or…”Wow! That’s cheap!”. Let me give you some rough ideas why they are price this way. Hopefully, by understanding this you will gain an insight on what to expect on your wedding day and perhaps learn a few tips on how to slash your budget.

1. The quality of your flowers 

Let’s use roses for example. Rose comes in various sizes and quality. A local rose could be as cheap as Rp.1000 and a stem of Ecuador rose can be as expensive as Rp.25.000 (yes! 25 X more expensive). The flowers you pay is as good as the quality you will receive. But how do we determine using which quality? Easy. For your handbouquets, we choose the best quality according to your budget. We want you to look pretty in every picture you take on your wedding day and at the same time achieve your desired look. Therefore, we care about how many petals it has, the size of the buds, the colour and its overall look. For your flower petal shower, we choose the cheapest. Obvious reason, it is tossed and it’s lifetime value on your wedding is only a mere 5 minutes.

A lot of florists has a minimum requirement quality of flowers in order to maintain the quality of service.

2. Imported vs Local

A lot of used-to-be-imported flowers has been cultured in Indonesia, mostly in cooler highlands like Bandung, Malang and Bedugul (Bali). Local flowers is definitely cheaper than imported ones (think about the transportation and the exchange rate). However, Climate, soil condition, temperature and human factor pretty much influence the quality of your flowers, so you may not get the exact same look of imported breeds cultured in Indonesia (but it makes it a cheaper alternative).  Flowers like tulips, don’t grow in tropical Indonesia, therefore it costs more if you want to get it elsewhere abroad (say.. Australia, Holland or China).

3. The service 

Before your flowers made it to your events, it has to go through processes after receiving. It includes hydrating them for at least 6 hours prior to arranging, cutting the stems, selecting, carrying to the venue, arrangement, et cetera. Caring for flowers is labour intensive. Moreover, the bigger the event, the more people we need for pre-arrangement and arrangement process.

4. The experts

Ever wonder why two decorating company charge the same items for different prices? Think about who’s doing it. The more experience a florist is , the more expensive it becomes as she/he becomes more of an expert. A new florist in town won’t charge you as much as the famous ones. Now you know why Preston Bailey and team are so expensive.

5. The properties

Your flowers, of course, won’t be delivered in plastic bags. It needs pretty vases, perhaps some ribbons, some crystals. Maybe you also need a photobooth, a stage, a table for to display your photographs. Perhaps you also need some finer details like a polka dot ribbon for your flower shower cones, a chair ribbon with a small hanging jar. It’s the props that make your event alive and personal to you. The finer details you need, the more expesive it becomes, especially if you want the exact look, some things need to be custom-made, and it has something to do with point number 6.

6. The time needed

Florists and the team don’t work just on the day of your event. They work once they receive the order from you. Attentive , kind-hearted florists (like us), bring your brief to everywhere we go, until the event is over. If we go to a furniture store, and we spot something that might be useful for your wedding, we grab it. If we read a magazine, and we think this might be an inspiring photo to style for your wedding, we take note or fold the page. Our working time start long ago before your event. That’s why we  always advise; f your wedding contains a lot of fine details that needs thorough research, planning and several discussions (by phone, email, face-to-face, WhatsApp chat or telepathy), we advise you to start contacting your florists early so they have time to plan your dream wedding (especially if you want things to be custom-made).

7. The size of your event

Not only before your wedding. D-day set up and set down also need some time. The more people you invite (= the bigger the venue = the more to decorate = the more table to set up in the case of sit down dinner), means the more people required for the decoration team to decorate and to clear the decoration after the party is over..

8. Your expectation

I’ve met a lot of my clients who show me flower arrangement from the internet and they want theirs to look like that. Often, those pictures that is on the net were taken elsewhere, and that means, imported flowers are often involved. See point number #2. Another reason could be, your wedding is the kind of wedding that require a lot of props, and much of the bill is dedicated to rental and its maintenance or the time dedicated to be hands-on to the nitty gritty.

9. Distance 

Your venue distance from the warehouse determine how much your total bill is going to be. In order to save the cost, always get a local florist (or a florist from a nearby town). That’s what we exactly mean, long distance is painful.

10. Maintenance

This thing is unseen, but a lot of our properties are being used quite a number of times, unless it becomes obsolete or broken. Once it enters back to the florists’ warehouse, it is now maintenance time. Painting them back, repackaging them, fixing if the bolt is broken or replacing ones if it’s totally unusable.

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