Rustic Ubud Wedding

We were thrilled to do another photoshooting with Weddingku Magazine at beautiful and green Kamandalu Resort in Bali. Unusually, we choose the ‘un-pretty’ and ‘un-chic’ style to match with the nature of the place. Thus, it makes sense, pretty and cute does not go a long well with rice field terrace of Ubud. Hence we create this rustic Ubud, a mixtue of tropical Bali and our the effortless style of styling and flower arrangement. We did so by incorporating wild garden leaves, dried paddy but also we put gorgeous blooms like white hydrangeas, crysanthemums, baby breaths, roses and cymbidiums.

Thank you for Pippa Paper of your matching stationery. But most importantly, thanks Robby of Antheia Photography for sharing this wonderful piece of work we did together.

This is also featured at Weddingku Magazine, August – October 2014 edition. Flip the pages if you want to know more about Kamandalu Resort & Spa.

** Ubud was and is still known to be an artists’ village and a lot the Ubudians are engaged in

jobs related to visual arts, such as wood carving, painting, dancing, and there are a few notable poets origin of Ubud as well.

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