Recap: Jakarta Wedding Festival 2013

We took our first plunge in Wedding Festival last weekend, together with Lighthouse Photography ( Damon, the head photographer /co-founder/ a kind friend, approached us for a Duet Collaboration. So they got the space, we took the set up, and together we rocked Jakarta Wedding Festival.

Our theme was sunshine and our booth was a mini simulation of Ben and Kate’s wedding, a dinner table with orange centerpiece that has its dual function as discussion table for Lighthouse Photography team and Jonquilla Decor team, a Candy Bar  (of course it has a double purpose too: for our guests to nibble while discussing) consisting of banana and caramel macaroons, dark chocolate chips and meringue, and a stand to display Guests’ seating arrangement.  Our “less is more” booth has its own intimate and warm feeling. Probably our booth will look different than other decorating companies as it’s a hybrid of Photography space and Wedding Florist booth.

Within these three days, we received a bunch of inquiries for wedding decorations in Jakarta and Bali and we were also visited by our past clients who recommended us to their cousins, or even just to say hi and wish us all the best. At the end of the third day, we saw a sticker “Best Stand Nominee” pasted on our walls, and we were so happy. It was only a nominee, we didn’t get cash or certificates by becoming a nominee but it made us pride our work, especially this is our first participation at Wedding Festival, hosted by over 300 vendors. We didn’t win in the end, but there was a very good spirit for everybody who’s been puting tonnes of work here. As of Damon’s kind approval, this sticker had been put on our blackboard, just like a trophy.

For all the parties concerned, friends, our family member (husband, wife and fiancee especially), Lighthouse Photography team and Baker’s Joy (who deserves a standing ovation for her cookies, macaroons and prompt service ), we thank you so much for your patience, hardwork and trust. Trust, especially, after we said “let’s work with instincts rather than drawing”. Thank you for trusting our instincts. 

image_1 image_4 image_5 image_6 image_7 JWF collage