Natasya’s Sweet 17

Natasya's Sweet 17

“I am sixteen going on seventeen. I know that I’m naive. Fellows I meet may tell me I’m sweet. And willingly I believe”
Liesl – Sound of Music

I remember when I was 17. I feel that I am not a child anymore and I can decide on certain things but a part of me is still not fully grown-up; there are things that I dont know about in live. And that’s being 17. Anybody that had been seventeen before know that this period is a no man’s land: not a child but not yet a woman/ man.m

Natasya celebrated her entry into adulthood in Ritz Carlton Pacific Place rooftop area and she told me that her decorations should reflect her nature and character. For a seventeen year old, I think that she has a maturity in her and a quick wit persona.

Together with her mother, we created this outdoor white party. Classmates came in whites, white flowers, furniture sets and other decorative items under the Jakarta’s sky. Actually, it’s quite a lovely place to sit down and let your thought drift away while enjoying Jakarta’s breeze.

Location : Ritz Carlton Pacific Place , Jakarta