Milka & Ryan

One of the best advises that I had been given is “sometimes you need to let go a mediocre thing to make way for the best to come” … and that’s what Milka did.

Milka was not ready for a relationship when she met Ryan. Though they were both in the entertainment industry (Milka was a female DJ and Ryan is a lead vocalist for De Pasto band), she simply thought it was not the right time. But Ryan was quite persistent in pursuing Milka, and that’s when she realized that Ryan is no-ordinary guy.

To me, Ryan is also not an ordinary guy. He has a fearless fashion style – probably it’s because he’s an artist. He’s also a very romantic person who composed a song for his bride and made a video clip for this wedding.

I guess that’s what I call destiny, when one door is closed, another is opened. For Milka, that door ahead is her way of finding her soulmate.