Ismaya small

In case you haven’t heard of Ismaya, Ismaya is a giant food, beverage and hospitality company and it has managed several top restaurants , events, bars, and you name it.

It’s not the first time for us to work together with them. In fact, we are more like friends then client-contractor. We have been handling their events decorations in the past, and now it’s an honour to be working with them again in styling for their photoshooting.

Ismaya’s team is “Garden Party” and they are actually promoting the new baby of the big family : Ismaya Catering. There’s a “first” for everything and this is my first decorating and photoshooting with a food stylist. I never knew that working together with one is going to be easy. The job of the food stylist is to “decorate” the food so it will look appetizing. Hmm… that sounds like a very tough job.

Venue : Hotel Shangri-La Jakarta.