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A Javanese Contemporary Wedding

Ideas will not be run out when decorating at Gedung Arsip. A Colonial building with a huge lawn, there’s a lot of things to do with it. If you notice, we have done more wedding at Gedung Arsip (National Archive Museum) than any other halls or venues. Ajeng and Bayu chose a Javanese Contemporary wedding concept, with their Batik patterned wedding stationery, a full Javanese kebaya and beskap for the groom. They even invited a Batik artist to come and do a show case during the wedding reception.

CMD_Bayu & Ajeng01WM CMD_Bayu & Ajeng02WM CMD_Bayu & Ajeng03WM CMD_Bayu & Ajeng12WM CMD_Bayu & Ajeng23WM CMD_Bayu & Ajeng30WM CMD_Bayu & Ajeng40WM


Yellow and Gold Wedding at Gedung Arsip

Hi readers,
So long from the last post here. (Sorry for our absence)

Last weekend we were excited to be part of Kemi & Bram’s wedding. Kemi wanted a Yellow and Gold wedding, a very appropriate colour choice considering that they are getting married at historical Gedung Arsip. We were head-over-heel with their photographs wearing Bugis traditional costume, which are very elegantly done (Bravo to the photographers). Congratulations to the fun-loving couple.






Mila's Siraman

Some people move away from their hometown forever ago, but regardless where they are now, a tradition is a tradition. Mila’s family moved 25 years ago to Jakarta, but it doesn’t mean that they should stop observing practices and traditions, especially when it comes to important days like wedding day. Mila is the last child from 5 sibilings with all males, and that makes her mother and aunties thrilled to do this ceremony Siraman as this is the first time for their family.

Correct me if I’m wrong, Javanese Siraman is a ritual usually done in the afternoon before the wedding day. The purpose is to “siram” or bathe the bride and purify her from all the bad lucks and impurities. The water will be poured onto by the mother, and take turn with the aunties.

I’m glad that Jonquilla is part of this sacred event. As people were saying, “you can take a family out of Java, but you can’t take Java out of a family”.

Ali Sadikin Final

I am pleased to meet Talia and Ai and very honored to decorate the venue of traditional marriage proposal. I am also very happy to work together with Talia’s mom, a very loving lady and it makes me feel I have known the family for a long time.

Talia is a dentist who went to school in Paris and Ai went to New York for his degree. They may have gone to different continents but they both like collectibles. Talia and Ai had been dating for a while and they decided to form a family union through this marriage proposal.

We created this sweet, elegant look with an outdoor tent. To add to the look, we set up a very sweet-looking dessert table.

Congratulations to Talia and Ai. May you have a good time planning your wedding.

Venue: Ali Sadikin’s residence
Dessert Table :