Coral & Lime Green Backyard Wedding

I vote for a a “home made” wedding. A reception at your backyard, foods from your favourite cafes or restaurants or aunts, and a ceremony underneath the tree when as a child you played hide and seek. Melissa and Trung is lucky to have a house with a green backyard that can accommodate the guests of their wedding. The reception took place at the bride’s residence, hence it all makes it more intimate and special. Scroll the pictures to see more this backyard carnival affair.

JQ - 03 - Melissa Trung-32WM JQ - 03 - Melissa Trung-12WM

JQ - 03 - Melissa Trung-40WM JQ - 03 - Melissa Trung-34WMJQ - 03 - Melissa Trung-26WM.jpg JQ - 03 - Melissa Trung-36WM.jpgJQ - 03 - Melissa Trung-44WM JQ - 03 - Melissa Trung-49WM.jpg