Anthony & Priscilla (Bali)

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Anthony Pricil 4I was introduced by Priscilla through Tania and we met at a shopping mall together with her (now) mother-in-law to discuss about her wedding plan. If any bride would start telling me non-stop about their dream flowers and wedding, Priscil would ask me another question : “What do you think is good?” That’s something that I don’t come across too often when meeting my clients.

Though Priscil did not have a dream wedding theme, she had how they should celebrated their nuptial in mind : full of laughters, emotions, and loving people around them. A fun, bubbly and cheerful girl like Priscil and a fun-loving Anthony surely know how to make the wedding the most awaited affair of the year.

The wedding started with a Holy Matrimony at the Cathedral and followed by a sunset cocktail, a four-course banquet and an after-party that lasted until the wee hours at The Sahita, a very serene villa by the Indian Ocean.

For the ceremony, we used the yellow and light green theme and for the dinner we chose pink and fuchsia colour as it might get too pale for yellow in the outdoor.

They also had another celebration in Jakarta a week after this. Please see my post Anthony & Priscilla.

Venue : Gereja Katedral Roh Kudus (Church), The Sahita Villa (Reception)

Photographer: Dre (Axioo)