“Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun, and if the sun don’t come, we’ll be standing in the English rain.” ― John Lennon Sometimes, being in a certain place could inspire you so much. And that’s Andreas. He once lived in London and that city had shaped him a lot and inspired him until today. So it’s not a surprise that he chose “English Garden” as their wedding theme. For this, I created a huge Big Ben, and a lot of “greens” visuals and a little bit of mini statues here and there. Unfortunately the wedding fell on the day during the big Jakarta flood.

While a lot of couples had canceled their wedding in a very last minute, Andreas and Gitta did not believe anything would came between them. I personally like Gita, she’s very friendly, cheerful and has a lot of optimism in her.

I’ve seen movies made in London, received two or three postcards from London, and saw a lot of advertisements about Great Britain tourism, but the only time I’ve been to London was to eat and to shop. As we were discussing their dream wedding decoration plan, they told me about these gardens in great enthusiasm. Now London has made it to my “must visit again” place and I can’t wait to explore English gardens myself.

Enjoy the greeneries

Andreas Gitta 2Andreas Gitta collage 1Andreas Gitta collage andreas Gitta 4 Andreas Gitta 3