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Bright Orange and Fuchsia Vintage Travel

Bright Orange and Fuchsia Vintage Travel





I was introduced to Andreana by my friend and I was initially nervous at styling her event. Why was I nervous? First, Andreana was 1000 miles away. She was in San Francisco when preparing her nuptial in Bali in September 2010. She was my first long distance client. What if she does not like it? What if we have a communication breakdown?

Secondly, she had contacted several florists earlier before she decided to call me. That made me feel like she had this huge expectations.

However, I find that working with Andreana is easy. Not that I found a client, I found a friend in her. She told me how her days were settling in San Francisco with her husband, and through that I found out what her personality is – and it totally makes deciding what kind of flowers are suitable for her.

Andreana and Eddie are both globe-trotters. They have traveled around, thus they decided that “Vintage Travel” is perfect as their theme.

Venue: Grand Hyatt Bali, Indonesia

Photographer: Andreana and Eddie’s photographer