¡A Mexican Wedding!

Eric and Aimee chose Shangri-La Hotel’s Ceria Room for their venue. This time, we did a little bit different than the kind of weddings we had. If most of the weddings requested by our clients have been always dreamy, rustic, flowery or vintage theme, Eric and Aimee wanted a non-typical theme for their wedding.

While creating this board, we ask a friend from Spain to correct our grammar. Turns out, unlike English, Spanish never capitalize the month 🙂 Good to know.

JQ - 05 - Aimee Eric -41.jpgWM

JQ - 05 - Aimee Eric -52WM.jpg

JQ - 05 - Aimee Eric -7WMWe’ve never been to Mexico and even attend a Mexican wedding, but imagination has no boundaries. It’s colourful, neighbourhood-style, and it’s colourful. Flowers and foliage includes baby palm trees, ruscus, solidago, asters, bright-coloured roses, spray roses. succulents.

For the handbouquet we added kaaps groen, hypericum berries and carnations.

JQ - 05 - Aimee Eric -25WM.jpgJQ - 05 - Aimee Eric -50WM.jpg

Aimee Eric Collage.jpgJQ - 05 - Aimee Eric -44.jpgWMJQ - 05 - Aimee Eric -28WM.jpg

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